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Sailing the Apostle Islands aboard Nauti Adventures


Welcome aboard Nauti Adventures! Our boat is 35 feet in length and has a stable beam of 14 feet. The boat features 2 larger state rooms with double beds and a smaller crew cabin. Guests can use the larger two cabins, which will accommodate 4 people very comfortably. 


Nauti Adventures features a full head (bathroom) with a shower, plus an aft deck shower, which many guests seem to enjoy!

Splendor of the Apostle Islands

The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore was Incorporated into the National Park System in 1970 and claims some of the most pristine waters in the world. The picturesque cliffs and caves have become a popular sailing destination for travelers from around the world. With ample fishing, kayaking, hiking, camping, sailing, and swimming, the Apostle Islands offer a variety of ways to navigate your vacation: from a boat tour of the lighthouses, a sunny day jumping off monolithic rocks on Stockton island into the refreshing clear waters or relaxing on the boat while fireworks dapple the night sky from surrounding towns on Independence Day in Chequamegon Bay, these stunning islands await you.

What to Expect on your Sailing Vacation

Whether you are joining us for a ½ day sailing trip or a week-long sailing adventure, you can expect an amazing experience with our Captain and Nauti Adventures. Captain Beau has been sailing the Apostle Islands his entire life. He knows the best sailing routes to take you on that will optimize your time spent on the water and in the islands. He will ensure you are comfortable, well taken care of and you walk away with 100% satisfaction.

Our ½ day and full day trips take place in and around Bayfield, Madeline Island, Long Island, Basswood and Hermit Islands. A full day trip may also include a trip to one of the beautiful beaches these islands have to offer. We plan each trip around our guests and what they would like to get out of their time spent on the water. We also offer customized beverages and food offerings, as well as everything else to make your trip the very best vacation possible. It’s your adventure matched with our superior sailing experience!

For the more adventurous people we offer 3 day, 5 day or week-long sailing vacations. These are privately booked trips in the Apostle Islands area of Lake Superior. During your private catamaran charter, you and your guests will enjoy our full accommodations for you and 3 other guests, with all the personalized food and beverages you can enjoy. During these extended trips we sail to many different islands and anchorages, each with their own beauty and actives. While at anchor you can enjoy several different activities, including swimming, hiking, fishing, paddle boarding, dinghy rides, walks on the beach or just sitting back and enjoy the views.

  *Please note we cannot pay for or supply alcohol on our charters, but you are more than welcome to bring your own and we'll supply your mixers and ice

Private Charter in the  British Virgin Islands.

Private Charter in the British Virgin Islands.

Your Accommodations

Here is a great video of our Gemini Legacy's features and accommodations to help you get  ready for your trip.

About The Owners

You can ask anyone that has been in contact with me throughout my life, my dream has always been to have a sailing charters company. Life has an interesting way of wandering and meandering about, but it’s all these life experiences that have led up to the creation of Nauti Adventures. Without these experiences, I don’t feel I would have the knowledge to properly run this dream business.

I grew up in a small town in Minnesota and sailing on Lake Superior with my family. We had a 26’ Northstar, which fit our family of 5 cozily into her! I would be on deck, tethered to the stanchions, mimicking my Dad adjusting the sails, using my Mom’s dish towels she would have drying on the lifelines as sails. By the time I was 11 or 12, I would be sailing her on my own and instructing my Uncle Joe how to use his newly purchased Irwin 31. I’m sure he enjoyed the piss out of that!

I sailed with my family, especially my Dad in many different locations. I earned sea time in Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico and Lake Superior. More recently I have gained experience in the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas. I am proud to say I have logged more than 10,000 hours and miles on a sailboat.

I purchased my first boat at the age of 23, a Com Pac 16. A true little sailing vessel if you have seen them about. She was a beautiful little boat from New Jersey. If you get a chance, ask me about this boat purchase adventure! After a couple other sailboats, I landed on a Hunter 290 for 8 years. A great vessel where I made many wonderful memories, and where Nauti Adventures came to be.

My Husband Davey, your Crew/First Mate when we do charter trips outside the domestic US, met in 2014. Soon we discovered our love for one another and our passions for sailing, warm weather and sharing amazing sailing experiences with our friends and family. This only fueled my desire to begin a sailing charters company even more. Aboard that Hunter 290 we made many of our first memories together, including the name for our future company, Nauti Adventures. Soon after I had the best day of my life and married Davey in Puerto Rico, followed closely by my second-best day, the creation of this company.

Davey was born and raised in small town South Dakota, graduated from the University of Minnesota – Duluth, University of Minnesota School of Public Health, and Northwestern Health Sciences University. He is currently an Associate Professor of Anatomy at Northwestern Health Sciences University and owns a private chiropractic practice in the Twin Cities. Davey enjoys educating, helping people heal and enjoy life, and he loves to cook!

We are currently keeping our charter company local, while also providing chartering services around the world through our Captain-for-Hire, Crew-for-Hire, Boat Transfer and Charter Planning programs. One day we will move our base to warmer waters, for now, we are living our dreams and are excited to play a role in yours!

Spring of 2017 in the British Virgin Islands

Spring of 2017 in the British Virgin Islands

Are you ready for a superior experience sailing the Apostle Islands?

What people are saying

Recent Testimonials

My husband and I joined the Nauti Crew for our first sailing trip ever and it was EPIC! Captain Beau and first mate Davey were fun,  knowledgeable and helped make our week in the BVI easy and memorable.  Our trip had so many highlights including island hopping to see the  Baths, Foxy's, the Soggy Dollar Bar, Anegada, the Indians, etc., daily  swimming, snorkeling, and deep sea fishing (where we caught, cooked and  ate our catch) and fantastic food and drinks everyday! I highly  recommend Nauti Adventures for your sailing trip! I can't wait to  book another adventure! Thank you Beau and Davey for the amazing #NautiAdventures!

Lindsey B. Minneapolis, MN

This was my husband and my first sailing trip together, my husband had  been before, and it was the most amazing experience. I really left the trip thinking why had I not done this before now. We cannot express how wonderful, knowledgeable and experienced the Nauti Adventures crew are. They really can do it all; from sailing a giant boat to catching, cleaning and cooking fish from the sea, to winning a conch blowing contest at a local bar. We had the time of our lives and will remember this trip forever. 

Kenny and Natalie H. Tulsa, OK

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