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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get Seasickness?

These are adventurous trips. Whether you're sailing on Lake Superior, Caribbean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean, it may happen at some point. Catamarans have significantly less “tilt” than smaller monohull boats and few people have issues but plan ahead- there are several motion sickness medications and applications available, check with your local drug store or doctor. The boat will have a small amount of motion sickness remedies on board in case of unexpected need.

Owners on Boat Transfers?

Most definitely! I'm available to not only safely move your vessel from point A to point B, but to learn and teach you the intricacies of your sailboat. Each boat has a personality of it's own and it takes some effort to learn them. Boat Transfer services do not include cooking, cleaning or entertaining of guests; this would be a Captain/Crew-for-Hire situation.

What should I bring?

When sailing in the Apostle Islands, you need to plan for every type of weather. Jackets and sweatshirts to shorts and t-shirts. Plan ahead and if you have any questions, send us a quick note and we'll advise you on the weather.  To help protect our environment, we encourage the use of ocean-safe lotions and soaps. For your comfort and the protection of our boats, please try and bring soft-sided luggage, if you can.

What shouldn’t I bring?

For starters, don't bring too much. Most of our guests wear a couple outfits and a few swimsuits for their entire trip. Please DO NOT bring spray suntan lotion, they are bad for the environment and sailboats- opt for sunscreens/ tanning lotions applied by hand.

Sailing Trip Customization

We want to ensure you have the very best experience, so we customize every aspect of our sailing trips to meet your needs. Once your booking is confirmed, we will send you a Charter Information Package. This includes the agreement, charter customization worksheet, our cancellation policy and other information regarding your sailing trip.

What can we expect?

We hope you have the trip of a lifetime and tell all your friends about your amazing experience with Nauti Advetures. We can guarantee many wonderful memories being made, and plenty relaxation and exploration. This is your trip, we're here to help you plan and choose the best activities that suit your desires.


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