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For-Hire Options



Whether you are planning a charter or have a new boat of your own, trust in my experience to make your next sailing trip run smoothly, with piece of mind and certainly a fun experience. I have had experience on all different shape and sized boats, in the calmest of seas, to hurricanes in the Keys. You and your guests are in great hands and perfect company, when you use me for your Captaining needs. Our fees for the Captain-for-Hire program are $300 a day, on the water, plus airline and shuttle/transfer expenses.


There is always room to grow and gain even more experience. We welcome the opportunity to play second fiddle and learn what we can. We are very knowledgeable and dependable crew members and would be a perfect addition to your crew. Our fees for Crew-for-Hire services are $200 dollars a day, per crew member, on the water, plus airline and shuttle/transfer expenses. We have two crew members available, including an amazing cook option.

Boat Transfers

We are also available for Boat Transfers, if you have the need to move a vessel from point A to point B. This may include a newly purchased boat and you’re looking for a shake-down cruise, to a recent move and you have a need to move your vessel to a new home port. We have had experience on monohulls and catamarans, small cubby cabin sailboats to luxury yachts. Fees for Boat Transfers are $250 dollars a day, on the water, plus airline and shuttle/transfer expenses.

*For all our For-Hire options, vessels must be currently registered/documented, be in good sea-worthy condition and have all required working navigation equipment and supplies. Fees will be accrued in the amount of two day’s For-Hire charges, plus travel expenses, if boat is found to not be in the required condition upon arrival.

Would you like a licensed and insured captain handle your sailing needs?

What People Are Saying

Recent Testimonials

My husband and I joined the Nauti Crew for our first sailing trip ever and it was EPIC! Captain Beau and first mate Davey were fun,  knowledgeable and helped make our week in the BVI easy and memorable.  Our trip had so many highlights including island hopping to see the  Baths, Foxy's, the Soggy Dollar Bar, Anegada, the Indians, etc., daily  swimming, snorkeling, and deep sea fishing (where we caught, cooked and  ate our catch) and fantastic food and drinks everyday! I highly  recommend Nauti Adventures for your sailing trip! I can't wait to  book another adventure! Thank you Beau and Davey for the amazing #NautiAdventures!

Lindsey B. Minneapolis, MN

This was my husband and my first sailing trip together, my husband had  been before, and it was the most amazing experience. I really left the trip thinking why had I not done this before now. We cannot express how wonderful, knowledgeable and experienced the Nauti Adventures crew are. They really can do it all; from sailing a giant boat to catching, cleaning and cooking fish from the sea, to winning a conch blowing contest at a local bar. We had the time of our lives and will remember this trip forever. 

Kenny and Natalie H. Tulsa, OK

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